The Leap Of Faith Movement

                   "One mans mission to change the lives of many"
Founders Story
The Leap Of Faith Movement was founded by RL Mathews Sr., a faithful believer of God's Grace and Salvation who like many believers, was not satisfied with the direction of his life in the corporate world and longed for a purpose and meaning to his life. It was at this crossroad in his life that a series of life changing events inspired him to not only re-dedicate his life to his Faith in Jesus Christ, but to also express his Faith by sharing his God-given gifts to help those in need, and become a living example of how the power of Faith can change your life.

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The Leap Of Faith Movement is dedicated in memory of Kiyoko “Kay” Mathews and Shirley Hawkins, who’s lives and passing were the catalyst for inspiration and change in my life, and to my wife and life long partner of 36 years, for supporting me through all of life’s ups and downs. I could not have done this without her. And most of all to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for dying on the cross for me so that I may come to understand God’s power and glory, and experience the true joy and peace that only He can provide.


Born in the early 1960's, I was the youngest of three sons born to working class parents. My father met my mother while stationed in Japan during the end of the Korean War. Not long after they married and moved back to the US in the mid 1950’s. My mother and father had very little education, but always worked hard to provide a roof over our heads, food on the table and the love and guidance that I can never repay.

Growing up, I was introduced to Christianity at an early age. Attending various churches throughout the years and getting saved as a pre-teen. But the messages I received from organized religion were mixed. I saw hypocrisy, judgment and ministers and pastors that were wolves in sheep’s clothing, and as a result I became jaded and never really fully understood what it was that God was offering me, but knowing in my heart that HE was there. So like a lot of us I turned instead to doing things “my way” to get through life.

During my early teenage years I was introduced to drugs and alcohol, which set my life spiraling out of control. I would end up quitting high school and prowling the streets of the city to support the lifestyle I had chosen. But somehow God would not give up on me. He lead me down the path back to school so I could earn my GED and eventually become certified in computer programing. These two events would become instrumental in shaping the future of my life.

During my 20’s, I was able to maintain a functional lifestyle and was blessed with having a son. This would change my life tremendously, However, the demons and addictions of the past would continue to influence my life, and the free fall would continue through my 20’s. During this time in my life I always felt in my heart that this is not really who I am, and that there must be something greater out there that can take away the pain and loneliness, and provide me with the love, joy and peace that we all long for in our lives. Eventually, drugs would take me to the edge, and as I stood looking down, I rediscovered God’s message of hope, and together with the support of my wife, I was able to start realizing that God has a plan and a purpose for all of us, if we just take the time to get to know him.
By the time I hit my mid 30’s, God would take me by the hand once again and bless me with an opportunity to work for a company who’s simple message of “treating people how you want to be treated” would create an environment that would allow my career in the computer industry to prosper and my Faith in Christ to grow. Although the demons of the past would continue to haunt me, I began to rely more and more on God for hope and comfort, I started dedicating myself to truly understanding his message and purpose for me, and over time I developed a wisdom and understanding of God’s message and for the first time I began to experience true joy and peace in my life.

After 25 years in the computer industry and corporate world, I started to long for something more rewarding in my life. I felt a calling from within my spirit to share Gods message of hope and to share the blessings God had given me with those in need. I had always given back to the community through volunteering and donations, and enjoyed the feeling of genuine appreciation I received from those I was helping. It made me feel good inside knowing I was making a difference in someone's life. But I still felt that I could do more. In order to truly experience the joy and peace that comes from sharing God's message of hope with others, I needed to dedicate my life for His glory. Yet quitting a lucrative career that I had been accustomed to for years did not seem to be an option. I mean, with the economy in a recession and people out of work would be crazy right?  As I continued to pray that God would show me the direction He wanted me to go, He eventually would...

On November 7th, 2011, my mom passed away after a long battle with cancer. My wife and I had brought her into our home to care and comfort her during her final weeks, and I was there by her side when her spirit left her body. Three weeks later, my mother-in-law would also succumb to cancer and pass away in our home, in the very same room! These two events in our lives were profound. If you have never experienced the passing of a loved one in front of your eyes from cancer, you will never know what the experience is like. There were times when we questioned “WHY?” God would allow the suffering that we witnessed to happen, but in the end these experience’s allowed us to see and feel the awesome presence of God in all his power and glory. It was at this turning point in my life that re-affirmed to me that God is in control and He is real. It made me realize that our lives here on earth is short and we need to make the most of each day. It was at that moment that I realized that the calling in my heart needed to be acted on.

On January 1st 2012, I decided to give up my career in the computer industry and dedicate my life and all my resources to God’s calling and I founded the Leap Of Faith Movement, which is based on these simple guiding TRUTHS...

"That when we put our complete Trust and Faith in God we gain the confidence that what He wants for us will actually happen. And, if we truly are believers in the one and only God, then our Faith will be expressed naturally through Good Works, and when we have these two things we are pleasing, honoring and most importantly GLORIFYING GOD, and THAT is life’s ultimate purpose!"

As I follow my journey to seek God's purpose and calling for me, I do not worry about how I myself will eat, or what I will wear. For if I seek first the kingdom of heaven, all these things will be given unto me (Matthew 6:19-34)

Do you have a calling in your heart to change your life and want to experience what it means to have true joy and peace in your life?

  And you too can become a living example of how the power of Faith can change your life 

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