The Leap Of Faith Movement

                   "One mans mission to change the lives of many"
About the Leap Of Faith Movement

The Leap Of Faith Movement is a source of spiritual encouragement and personal change that was created to share one man's journey of discovering the true meaning of Faith, and his mission to inspire and teach others how the power of Faith can change our lives.

The Leap Of Faith Movement is based on these simple guiding TRUTHS...
That when we put our complete Trust and Faith in God we gain the confidence that what He promises is true. And, if we truly are believers in the one and only God, then our Faith will be expressed naturally by the way we live our lives, and when have these things; that is Trust and Faith in action, we are pleasing, honoring and most importantly GLORIFYING GOD, and THAT is life’s ultimate purpose!

Remember, From the beginning God created us to have a close personal and loving relationship with Him. But because of our sinful nature we lost that relationship and are condemned to die, both physically and spiritually.

However, because of God's LOVE for us, He decided through His GRACE to offer all of us a choice of SALVATION and HOPE through FAITH in his son Jesus Christ, who came into this world to fulfill a promise foretold long ago by our heavenly father; a promise of a Savior who would come into this world to serve, teach and become the ultimate example of love by sacrificing himself for the sins of all humankind so that we may be born again as children of God and begin living a new life for His glory.

But we must also remember, that living a life in FAITH is more than just believing we are made right with God and forgiven of our sins through our FAITH in Jesus Christ. For if we truly are faithful followers of the living Christ we must live our lives by His examples.

In other words..

"Living a life in FAITH means expressing our Faith with acts of tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience and forgiveness. And above all, with LOVE.
For it's LOVE which binds us all together in perfect harmony, and it's only when our FAITH is expressed with acts of love for one another that we truly are exemplifying the fullness and spirit of Faith, and when we do these things we will begin to experience the true joy and peace in our life that our heavenly father wants us to have."


Do you have a calling in your heart to change your life and want to experience what it means to have true joy and peace in your life?, then I encourage you to take that “Leap Of Faith” in your life right now, join the movement and start realizing God's plan for you!

About the Founder and his personal Journey in Faith

The Movement and how to take your own Leap Of Faith


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